About Us

Who We Are:

Shalom is a charitable, non-profit, faith-based in-resident program for women with life controlling problems. Our program ministers to women ages 17 and up. Each woman chooses to attend our program to renew and transform her life from the pain and destruction of her past through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Mission:

Shalom was established as an evangelical ministry to further the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to give women with life controlling issues the tools to be mentally sound, physically transformed, spiritually alive, and socially adjusted. We believe that through biblical principles and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ each lady can be healed and restored.

What We Offer:

An opportunity to change your life!
A safe environment to heal and to begin taking steps towards healing.
A program that will challenge you to learn and apply life changing principles.
Accountability friends for life!

Where to Begin:

If you are interested to enrolling in our program it is important that the individual who is seeking help contact us at 501-625-3811. There is an application process in order to enroll in our program, this includes paperwork, an interview, and a health screening. If you are presently involved in court proceedings and want to seek help through Shalom, please speak with your Attorney or Probation Officer.

You can also go to our Home Page and create a video application and tell us about your situation. This video is confidential and will only be seen by Shalom staff. If you do not have video capability, you can click Contact Form tab above and complete the form. This too, will only be seen by Shalom staff.

Faith Based Program:

You do not have to be a Christian in order to enroll in our program. Our program is open to anyone who wants to begin, continue, or rekindle their faith as a guide for successful addiction recovery.

Our program weaves together traditional rehabilitation, including therapy and relapse prevention planning, alongside community involvement with local churches, bible study sessions and connection with Christian support groups.

Shalom’s program also includes bible teachings focused on reestablishing or building a new faith to guide you throughout treatment and addiction recovery as well as local church visits geared towards building relationships within a healthy Christian community and work on life skills to successfully transition back into society.


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