Tyranny Osborne: I moved from Spokane Washington to come to Shalom. I thought this was my plan, but it was the Lords. I did come to Shalom, but I left. I got charged with felony possession of morphine 2 weeks after. I spent 18 days in Garland County Jail. I asked Jesus into my heart from jail. I went to Teen Challenge for 4&1/2 months. I needed medical treatment though. I left Teen Challenge and Shalom took me back with open loving arms! They helped me find a job and keep it! I learned how to submit myself to the Lords will for my life! I graduated Shalom in April of 2016. I have 484 days clean and sober, but more importantly living for the Lord! I now teach a class at Shalom on identity called Daughters of The King! I stay very connected with my Shalom family! I live at the transitional home that Shalom has. I feel like Shalom staff and Mrs. Lain Rodgers are modern day example of Moses, leading ladies out of slavery. I am eternally grateful for my life and my sobriety. I have this scripture that I stand on now, John 10:10 The enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but I have come so that you may have life and life more abundantly. I have an abundant life now. Praise and glory to the Lord!


Christine Burroughs
December 8, 2014 ·

This how i change my life i look like i was dead and had no life until i went to shalom it change my life i find god and love and a family. And now that im clean my walk is not over im still dealing with court but now i have God my babies and my friends and most of all my family at shalom i love you all very much for my mom and my best friend Kimberly for being there for me and for the best girls at shalom when i got there the old girls lol and for the new ones you will have good day’s and bad ones but in the end of the day i had the girls and most of all (Angela and Rachel Johnson) they were my rock and i would never forget and my girls in the blue room you no who you are i will always have you in my heart forever and always. ….


Shalom Women’s Center

April 2, 2011 I was setting in a jail cell, all hope lost, in bondage to addiction…..I found a poem I wrote on that day……


Locked in this place, I feel so small, sitting here crying as I stare at these concrete walls.

They’re closing all around me & I need to run away. PLEASE, HELP ME -OH GOD I don’t want to stay.

I’m trapped on the inside & can’t let me go. I’ve held myself hostage, to the devil I’ve given my soul.

He promised he would help me but that was a lie, I’m at my rock bottom, LORD, please hear my cry.

I gave my life to the drugs because I didn’t know where to turn, searching for a kind of love, for that feeling I yern.

Over and Over my addiction grew stronger….just one more, please, give me a little longer.

One more high, this is the last time I swear, after this one is over I’ll quit, I don’t care…

I opened one eye to lights shinning n my face…Where the heck am I??? What is this strange place??

I see darkness all around me, it’s feeling really hot, the smell I’m smelling is as if something has rot….

I climbed out of the car, feeling nothing but pain. why is it so hot??? Please send on the rain.

I stumble to my feet and slowly began to walk…..suddenly I’m hearing strange little voices beginning to talk…..

“Welcome to the darkness, let us take you to our King, he’s been waiting for you”…they began to sing.

Deep in the woods, they led me down a path, the further I went they all began to laugh.

At the end of the road, there were flames flying high, “NO, PLEASE DONT TAKE ME”, I began to cry.

Tiny little creatures, swarmed all around me, I tried to fight back but there were millions surrounding me

They led me to the fire, my body began to burn. As I approached this strange creature, his head slowly turned.

I’ve never seen such a thing, I’m scared out of my mind, my heart is pounding….I know I’m gonna die….

“Welcome to Hell, I knew you would make it, I gave you chance after chance I knew you would take it.”


“You had your chance, now you belong to me, it’s far to late to set you free.”

“FATHER, can you hear me??? I give it all to you! This can’t be the end! PLEASE! What can I do?

I opened one eye to lights shining in my face….it was all just a dream, thank you Jesus I’m safe.

I stumbled out of the car and fell to the ground, “Lord, here I am, I want to be found.”

“I give it all to you every addiction and pain, come into my life I’m ready for change…”

You see, we aren’t promised the next second of our life…..you never know what the next turn has for you…..don’t hold on to the pain, hurts & addiction….it’s time to be free, there’s only one way when to try freedom & that’s through JESUS CHRIST!!!!!! Thank you Jesus for sparing my life!

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